Jan Peeters is one of the original contributors to the method as well as an experienced trainer and consultant. After working himself a decade in Safety Management, he has consulted and trained in a wide range of aviation
organisations over the years. He has a very pragmatic and results-oriented approach  to risk assessment and risk management.

The Aviation Risk Management Solutions or ARMS methods for risk assessment, have become one of the few tools considered best practice in aviation for risk assessment. The ARMS group was an exceptional group of aviation professionals from a large spectrum of aviation organisations,who created an open source tool for risk assessment in aviation. ARMS is endorsed by ECAST as a best practice method.

The method helps to reduce subjectivity and looks at risk in a different way, which is more structured and practical. The method is open source and well documented.

Nevertheless, for first time users there are some areas of confusion regarding the concepts, terminology and how to fit the ARMS method into their overall risk management process.

Specifically ARMS coaching you might be helpful to:

–          Understand the philosophy behind the ARMS tools
–          Understand how the concepts in the method are used
–          Identify some of the common problems with the implementation of the method

Because the sessions are remote and affordable, they are ideal to spread out over time, to allow you to digest the information and apply the concepts in between sessions to your organisation.
Most useful is that you can use the coach to fine-tune and troubleshoot your process where necessary.

After initial implementation, you might find it helpful to continue coaching to:

–          Get ideas on how to integrate ARMS with the wider Risk Management and SMS
–          Set up the Safety Performance Indicators and Key Performance Indicators of the SMS
–          improve risk assessment sessions dynamic and productivity

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If you are using ARMS or thinking about using it, and need some advice please get in touch!


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