causal loops complexityI am developing my ideas around complexity to involve it more in my Safety Management courses, I think it is a neglected topic.
Understanding more about complexity and how our own mental simplifications and comparisions to complicated systems distorts our understanding of safety issues, explains a lot of the struggles around topics as Just Culture and effective safety interventions. The below video is a module of my refresher course on Safety Management Systems 

*Intentionally speaking slow for non-native speakers, speed up to 2x in Youtube settings for a more “dynamic” viewing experience 🙂

A great mental toolkit which will help you to better understand complexity is the Systems Thinking toolkit by Eurocontrol you can find it here:

Please do critique (constructively), I readily admit to being new to complexity but I find it explains so many problems we are seeing with safety management, I could not find a digestible explanation about complexity in relation to safety so I made my own. Often the complexity concepts are discussed very academically and fails to connect with people.
But people in my courses seem to get it when I link this to Safety Management.

I quite enjoy making these courses, I would love feedback on other topics that you think are needed in relation with Safety Management in organisations, and especially about the social skills and mental, cognitive and psychological skills that safety professionals need to developed to get better collaboration going around safety issues. I think there is a large need to talk about more HOW TO stuff in Safety management and then specifically about how to help safety professionals with developing the social skills needed to achieve the optimal collaboration.

If you are interested in checking the whole course itself, you can find it here.
The background is that it is an experiment that got out of hand, it started as a quick refresher for people that I gave in company classes to. But I left it on Udemy and already 2700 people subscribed to it and gave it great reviews.
So I want to build on that and keep expanding this course. It will continously develop and price will go up as content is added.

Refresher course of Safety Management Systems on
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