Safety Performance Indicators in aviation are a fairly new concept and there are few organisations which have gotten it right. To show that your Safety Management System is performing and continuously improving, you have to be able to measure it.

Conversations with Civil Aviation Authorities show that it is one of the big problem areas for aviation organisations. Initial indicators might be coarse and unrefined however National Aviation Authorities are going to be increasingly demanding over time. So the sophistication of your measurement has to grow with those demands.

Not only that, your organisation has to convince itself that the time and effort spent on the SMS is paying off. If your organisation cannot do that, the SMS will lose credibility and buy-in which can lead to a vicious cycle of underinvestment of time and effort by management resulting in under performance of the SMS.

To measure safety performance, you first have to understand what good safety performance looks like. Then you need to understand what your data is telling you and what you should be aiming to improve.

This is not a one-shot process. SPI’s and Key Performance Indicators for the SMS need to be adjusted and fine-tuned over time. You need to ensure that what you are measuring is a true reflection of both your organisation’s SMS and safety performance (and yes they are 2 different things!).

Jan Peeters created the Safety/ Risk/ Management coaching service.
In a remote coaching session, you can have another pair of eyes evaluating your SPI’s and KPI’s. If you are stuck for inspiration, you can use this coaching session to brainstorm new SPI’s and fine tune your programme.

With the coaching concept you avoid the problem of information overload, and have an affordable, custom made learning program at your convenience and pace.You will find that the ability to repeat sessions at regular intervals is the true value of the coaching concept.
Like learning any skill, running an SMS will pose different challenges at different times. the S/R/M coach can assist your SMS development every step of the way. Having access to advice of an experienced practitioner at the right time can avoid a lot of frustration and lost time!

Book a session to help you understand your safety performance indicators!

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