3 hr session remote coaching:

We work in remote coaching sessions of 3 hours. Topic is fully customisable to your needs;
e.g. implementing Risk management, improving reporting culture, improving investigations, how to analyse safety data, how to present safety issues to management,
how to make effective safety recommendations, how to set KPI and safety performance indicators for YOUR organisation.

Also you can use this time to assist with a particular issue such as an event investigation, set up a reporting system, Safety management manual preparing an important meeting, audit, etc.

Why 3 hours?

It allows for an effective length of time, fits in a morning or afternoon, which makes it easier to schedule, and 2 sessions make up a day + breaks.So you only pay for time effectively delivered, not all the breaks and lunch etc.

While it is long enough, it is not so long as to induce information overload. We encourage you to break up several sessions over several days/ weeks and allow yourself some “digestion time” to take the information and implement it.

You take the knowledge from the session and apply it in your organisation. In the next session, before moving on to other topics we can go over your implementation and fine-tune, review or troubleshoot as required.

In between the sessions, your coach remains available to you should there be a need for interim troubleshooting. There is nothing quite so frustrating as getting stuck. Feel free to pick up the phone or send an email, and your coach will be more than happy to help you out. (A short intervention is free of charge, but keep in mind there might be availability issues) Some examples:


Multiple sessions packages

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with you and keep helping out with the development
of your system as it matures. Typically a run of a few coaching sessions will help you see your SMS project through.
Depending on complexity, you can buy a package which will reduce per-session cost.
(no charge for re-scheduling the sessions, depending on availability)

A package of training sessions brings down the cost and allows you to design a coaching programme that suits your needs.
Depending on the size and scope of your project, we can create a specific offer to help you to deliver the implementation or optimisation of your system.

6 sessions of 3 hours (= 10% discount)

12 sessions of 3 hours (= 15 % discount)

On-site coaching in Europe

Leerer Seminarraum mit vielen Stühlen in Reihen aufgestellt

For delivery in person at your lo

cation pricing will depend on the nature of the session and the preparation time required for customised sessions.

Please contact us for a proposal.

One measure which might reduce your training cost substantially is to pool training days with other local organisations.
(E.g. local maintenance organisations or

your CAA might be looking for training


For a coaching visit in your location in Africa or South America cost will depend on availability and  travel time.
We do occasionally organise group coaching sessions in these regions. We can potentially
combine visits with other clients to reduce travel costs.

Hybrid: Live and remote combination

You might find a hybrid solution of on-site and remote coaching is the most effective. So if you have a 12 session package you are free to combine e.g. sessions to pay for 2 days on-site coaching and thereafter use the rest for monthly remote coaching sessions. This is especially effective if you need to train a team and want periodic follow up and fine tuning afterwards.

Count minimum 3 x 3hr sessions per day on site + expenses.

Payment conditions:

Sessions will start once payment is received.

After payment is received via either bank transfer (invoiced) or creditcard.
The client and the coach will:
– write a brief scope of work
– schedule a mutually agreed time for the session.

The client will receive joining instructions and any session  preparation documentation if applicable.
The remote session will then be delivered via a video conferencing application.