Jan is an experienced safety risk management practitioner who ran Safety departments at small and medium airlines.
He has also extensive experience as a Safety Improvement consultant with a large firm which has given him the opportunity to work on world-wide projects  in very diverse aviation organisations.
He offers clients comprehensive expertise across most areas of aviation safety management, with a focus on the development of effective risk management solutions and organisational safety performance.

He is a passionate trainer who has delivered numerous courses to all possible sectors of the aviation industry. He trained staff and management on topics covering;

  • Design and Implementation of SMS
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment methods
  • Just Culture,
  • Safety communication,
  • Air Safety Reporting,
  • Flight Data Monitoring and
  • Emergency Response planning.

His knowledge of 6 European languages is a great asset to quickly establish meaningful communication during his consultancy projects in the various corners of the world.

Jan’s approach to SMS is very pragmatic. He improves safety performance by building bridges between safety practitioners and their management, enabling them to convert safety information into practical safety enhancing actions.

Expertise and capability

  • Design and implementation of SMS programmes
  • Risk management, particularly the ARMS methodology
  • Facilitating cooperation between safety departments and company management in order to obtain practical results
  • Safety communication to all levels of the organisation
  • Emergency Response planning
  • Trainer in safety management concepts, risk management, just culture

Career background and experience
As a consultant with one of the leading Aviation Safety Management consultancy firms, Jan has been part of projects all over the globe in very diverse aviation organisations.

Before his consultancy career, Jan has mostly worked with airlines; he started his career in 2000 as a performance engineer with CityBird in Brussels. In 2003 he joined SN Brussels Airlines as Assistant Flight Safety Officer and in 2005 went to PrivatAir in Geneva as Flight Safety Officer and Emergency Response Manager where he was responsible for the design and implementation of their SMS and Emergency Response programmes.

He has also been an active contributor to the Airline Risk Management Solutions group, an aviation industry working group that developed the ARMS risk assessment methodology.

Jan has a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering and as an avid world traveller, is fluent in Dutch, French, English, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese.