In my post about soft skills I talked about the fact that the so-called soft skills are often more important than the technical skills of a Safety Manager. This is an area that is often missing completely from courses that pretend to improve SMS implementation which tend to focus on processes and procedures or “what” you need.. read more →

What’s in a name? In aviation Safety Management Systems, the term safety manager is used to denominate the individual responsible for the development, operation and continuous improvement of the safety management system (SMS) deployed by an operator/service provider. He acts as a focal point for safety management issues in the organisation. In this post I’d.. read more →

People involved in setting up Safety Management Systems often come from a technical background. As a beginning Safety Practitioner myself, I was a typical technical person with a voracious appetite for all kinds of technical information.  In this post I’d like to argue that, to be effective as a safety manager or practitioner, you have.. read more →