Positively influence safety decision-making,

improve Safety Culture


become more pro-active.



I believe good Safety Management does not happen by itself.
I want to help you to have a positive impact on the organisation’s safety performance,
by helping you to get the best out of yourself as a safety professional and your management team.

Like Peter Drucker said;
“Management is about making people capable of joint performance,
making their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.”

To get things done in safety management, you have to be able to influence and motivate other people to take ACTIONS that improve safety.

My training as a coach and over a decade of hands-on experience with safety management allows me to share many tools which can help you to improve your skills and effectiveness as a safety professional.
In this course I show you how to;

  • create management commitment and how to maintain it
  • Design Safety Goals and performance indicators that make sense.
  • Design action plans to improve safety performance
  • better “sell” safety solutions to both staff and management
  • Design your safety meetings to be productive and constructive

What else is in it for you?

This course is not about knowledge, the world is changing and information is more accessible than ever.
What you know is not as important as what you are able to do with that knowledge.

The goal of SRM coach is to help you upgrade your skills to be able to do more with what you already know so you get better results!

Because I believe a course by itself is not useful unless you apply the knowledge to your situation, I combine this course with a complementary personal 3 hour coaching process (via Skype or phone) where we can talk specifically how to develop your personal skillset and how apply them effectively in your organisation.

This session can be used at your convenience, in 3 one-hour segments over a month or all in one go to clarify a specific problem; the goal is to allow you to build a specific action plan for your organisation to increase safety performance.

What’s in it for your boss? (a.k.a. how to justify going to this course)

Your management is obliged to spend quite a lot of time in safety meetings.
If these meetings are like most, probably they feel like a lot of time is wasted without much results.
Your improved skills in communication, collaboration, presenting information concisely will help your organisation to

  • identify problems quicker as a team,
  • problem-solve more effectively and
  • stream-line the decision making process so that each meeting leads to concrete pro-active ACTIONS.

If you think about it, as a technical person a lot of money was invested in you to develop your technical skills as a pilot or engineer.
Your impact as a safety manager should be a lot bigger than as an operator.
How much have you invested in developing your skills as a Safety Manager lately?

 What is this course NOT?

This is a different kind of course that actually tells you how to do Safety Management.
Where most courses focus on the technicalities of Safety Management Systems, this course is about people and how to get the best out of them.

As such, we will talk very little about SMS, ICAO doc’s safety databases, report formats, etc. This is not a course to tell you what you need to do to merely comply with regulations or tick boxes.

This course is meant as a pragmatic resource for safety professionals who want to increase their impact and improve safety performance.

Who will be giving this course?

Jan Peeters is an experienced safety risk management practitioner who ran Safety departments at small and medium airlines.
He has also extensive experience as a Safety Improvement consultant with a large global firms which has given him the opportunity to work on world-wide projects in very diverse aviation organisations.

He has an international certification as a coach and uses coaching tools to help increase safety performance. He is a passionate trainer who has delivered numerous courses to all possible sectors of the aviation industry. His knowledge of 6 European languages is a great asset to quickly establish meaningful communication during his consultancy projects in the various corners of the world.

Where do I sign up?

Send me an e-mail to  or call me on +34 601093969 to register.
You will receive an invoice, payment is possible via bank transfer (alternatives on request).

Courses will take place at the following locations and dates:

(Places are limited to 10 participants to allow high quality interaction and exercises)

August 2015:                    Brussels, Belgium

Safety Management Skills course 17-18-19 August

September 2015:            Madrid, Spain

Safety Management Skills course 14-15-16 September

October 2015:                 Valencia, Spain

 Safety Management Skills course 19-20-21 October

December 2015:              Brussels, Belgium

Safety Management Skills course 15-16-17 December

On request

If you and several other colleagues are interested, I can organise this course in-house for a flat-rate price. You can of course also pool the course with other organisations as you see fit.
Price will depend on travel, HOTAC and meeting room availability.

Subject to availability.
How much does it cost?

(all prices ex. VAT)

Safety Management Skills package                          EUR       1090.00
Safety Management Skills course (3 days)
3 hours remote coaching
Remote coaching sessions (stand-alone)                  EUR       360.00*
3 hr package of remote coaching service.
*You can start with stand-alone remote coaching sessions, to address a specific area.