Is S/R/M coaching right for you and your organisation?

Since it is a new concept, you might not kow yet if Safety/Risk/Management coaching is a good solution.

To be honest, it will not be a good fit for each organisation or individual.
In order to establish if S/R/M coaching is a good fit to solve your current problem, I am more than happy to do a free Safety Risk Management coaching session on the topic of your choosing.

SInce this will be more in order of a “get-to-know-you” session, for the both of us, it works better if this session is free-of-charge and no strings are attached. I am more than happy to help you explore solutions for any Safety Management problem you might have.

Once you get started I am convinced you will find the coaching engagement a much more useful approach to get professional assistance to implement your SMS and improve Safety management in your organisation.

Free remote intro session SRM Coach

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